Monday, February 25, 2008

Book Meme

Okay, so the book laying closest at hand was Virginia Woolf's The Voyage Out.

The full and romantic career of Evelyn Murgatroyd is best hit off by her own words, "Call me Evelyn and I'll call you St. John." She said that on very slight provocation--her surname was enough--but although a great many young men had answered her already with considerable spirit she went on saying it and making choice of none. But her donkey stumbled to a jog-trot, and she had to ride in advance alone, for the path when it began to ascend one of the spines of the hill became narrow and scattered with stones.

So, pick up the nearest book that is at least 123 pages, find the first five sentences, post the next three. Then tag five people.

I tag g, shukr, mr. pink's mom, and any two other people who might be reading this post (my blog community is still pretty small and anyone else I might have tagged has already been tagged). Thanks to John and Chandelle for tagging me.


G said...

wow, I am totally going to show my ignorance here... what does it mean to be 'tagged'?

Lessie said...

It means you do the meme on your blog now. You just grab the nearest book over 123 pages and follow the directions and post the result on your blog.

shukr said...

have done mine. eww. didn't want to hear what it told me. lol.

shukr said...

my sister was asking me some stuff last night and i came across the above whilst searching for the council of nicaea. has a few references i thought you'd enjoy. the bit on feminine/ masc representations in particular, and the ref to the reflection of Divine.


Lessie said...

Hey Shukr, I don't know if you'll get this comment or not--it took me so long to read that link. But it was very interesting. And it did remind me of some of the things that I found so intriguing about Islam. This idea that God isn't gendered, the way that a Christian view of God can so easily marginalize women, etc. are some good points. I remember thinking at some point that God should be comprehensible--but I think that if God exists, I don't think that anymore. There are too many ways that humanity has found to connect to God--I hesitate to award one way any more merit than another.