Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Haiku for Summer

Au milieu de l’hiver

J’espère à l’été

Si le ciel garde sa teinte grise,

Je vais perdre tous.


shukr said...

i love this .)

Lessie said...

Thanks shukr. I've been nervous about my grammar--it's been awhile since my French classes. Oddly enough, I couldn't quite get the haiku to work in English, so that's why I switched to French. Anyway, I'm glad you liked it.

shukr said...

ooooo, I didn't even realise it was *you* had written it!

I'm not fluent at all these days - it's been 10 years since my last but I got this .)

I love the French language for 'mood' words and atmosphere.
All the intense language sounds (and feels) so beautiful on the tongue.

There is joy in the feeling of anything in French for me.
hope that makes sense - I can understand why it wouldn't fit in English, but did in French.

xJane said...

Un'haiku en francaise! J'approuve.

Lessie said...

Shukr, yes, I love many things French. I love the way the language sounds and feels when one speaks it as well. It is one of my favorite languages (and the only other one besides English that I'm even remotely fluent in).

xJane! Thanks for stopping by! Vive le francais!

G said...

whew, I am way outa my league here...
just wanted to say 'you rock' lessie.

(so what is the translation? even if it is not haiku?)

Lessie said...

Hey G! Roughly translated it says, "I hope for summer,/ If the sky keeps it's gray hue,/ I'll lose everything."