Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Asking me to pick a favorite color would be like asking my mom to pick a favorite child (although, that may be easier for her now that I've left the church :-). Anyway, we are building a house and I get to have my own office. I'm ecstatic, except that I can't decide on which color to paint the walls. I like reds because of the associations they've had with women, for better or worse, through out Western History. I like blues because, well, it's blue . . . and it was always associated with integrity back when I was still active and integrity has always been important to me. I like greens because I read somewhere one time that the Celts associated it with magic and growth, because the plants around them grew without a seeming explanation. I like purples because they represent royalty (and even though I'm totally not thrilled with the idea of monarchy, I find it romantic anyway). I like black because it gets such a bad rap. Browns are so warm and inviting. Yellows and oranges, while they aren't always top on my list, have some shades that just make me happy. And white, well, of course I like it. But I don't like being surrounded by it, and so that's why I want my walls to be colorful.
Anyway, this was totally superfluous, but I just thought I'd put it out there and see what you guys like. And if you have any suggestions, that'd be cool too.


G said...

this is why my walls are still white... to many options!
(also, I'm lazy. yea, mostly cuz I'm lazy.)

Wahoo! your own office! so cool

mr. pink's mom said...

"I like greens because I read somewhere one time that the Celts associated it with magic and growth, because the plants around them grew without a seeming explanation."

blue. isn't blue associated w/ water (or is that the other way around?) and water makes everything green.

no? bad logic. i understand

so here's my line up. nuetral greens in the kitchen accented w/ a japanese maple red.

purples in my office w/ dark brown and white accents

blues in the living room w/orange and brown accents

grays in n's studio (my favorite!)

and mocha browns in the bedroom
with some random matching color in the en suite bathroom (ha-it's nothing more than a crap closet)

everything is behr paint and its the shaded? or muted colors. you get the point. nothing is too bright.

JohnR said...

I love all the associations you have with each color! Obviously what you need to do is to paint with all of those great colors. Why not a mural? :P

I'm only half-joking: my daughter painted my desk a dark sea-green with an awesome purplish octopus floating to one side. It makes me want to keep my desk tidy...

Lessie said...

Thanks for your comments guys. I finally decided to go with a deep greenish blue-or bluish green, not sure which. Anyway, it was called goddess green, so I thought, hey, why not? At any rate, I also bought a glaze to put over it, so it will be slightly shimmery.

I actually thought about using all the different colors, and we did in the rest of the house. Our master bedroom is blue, and the living area is a light, olive greenish color. We didn't incorporate reds or purples into the paint, but our tile in the master bathroom is natural slate, and there are all kinds of colors represented there.

We're building a monstrosity, but I'm excited nonetheless (just wish it were closer to town and not out in the sprawl, maybe that can be our next goal, move back to town). It's fun to have something to finally be able to decorate as I like.

Lessie said...

Oh and JohnR, I remember the pictures of your desk that you posted. Very nice, indeed. Maybe when my boys are older, they can be artists for me. I personally have no visual artistic talent whatsoever.

G said...

goddess green... I love it!
(and I second the mural idea. I'll come over and paint some goddess symbols into discreetly hidden niches. how 'bout it?)

Lessie said...

G, I would LOVE for you to come paint murals in my house. But what's this about discreet? I'm dying for some artwork to display. Let's just put it everywhere!

mfranti said...

...oooohhh g, pick me, pick me.

i could use something in my kitchen. niels art doesn't represent well in that room.

G said...

mpm.... HAHAHAH! niel doesn't do goddess imagery, huh?