Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back in Business

I'm back in business (although that still doesn't mean that I'll necessarily write a lot, am kind of flaky that way)! Thanks JohnR, for coming up and saving our internetless home! He had to pick his kids up from grandma's in Utah and drove a little out of the way to bring us a computer. He's also taking our junker back with him to hopefully recover the lost family photographs, essays and short stories that we had on there.

I have missed everyone so much. I just didn't feel comfortable writing and commenting on blog posts from work (mostly 'cause I'm so damned long winded that both things take a significant amount of time for me).


G said...

WoHoo! yay for JohnR!

Lessie said...

Hey G! It's good to see you! I know we've been talking a little off line, but it's good to be back.

JohnR said...

It was worth it to get you back online. :) And thanks for the Idahoan (is that the proper term?) hospitality--it was fun to get to know Les Bruns a little better!